Feng Shui 101- What Will 2019 Bring?

It’s trite yet true…time flies! We are approaching yet again the end of another year. The year 2019 is the year of the Water Dragon. From the reading of the stars and element relationships it will be a transformational life-changing year!

In 2019 the Chinese New Year begins on February 4th. That will be the time when annual Feng Shui energy shift occurs, affecting the energy patterns of each and every building and its surroundings.

Advice For The New Year:

Watch Your Temper

Be Wary of Relationship Issues Particularly Infidelity

It’s a Good Time to Look for Mentors or Coaches for Help in Business

The astrological predictions for 2019 points to a transformational year of extremes – both the good and the bad. We will see many changes in the world, both political as well as economic.

On a personal level, watch your temper as the Star of Aggressive Sword makes its appearance to bring animosity and violence. The conflictive energy can lead to external conflict in the world. Harmony may be hard to find. Relationship problems could also increase due to the presence of the Star of External Flower of Romance.

On a positive note, the Star of Powerful Mentors will bring career and business success to those who work for it 2012. Ask for help and you will receive it!

Next Time…what to do in your home to protect it from negative influences in 2012.