Refinery 29 and Bruno’s Pet Boutique Team Up for a Dog Day in Venice Beach

If you live in LA, have a pup of your own and don’t know about Bruno’s Boutique yet, you might wanna cruise down Lincoln Blvd. and have a looksy. They’ve only been at it a few months but they’re already making waves featuring the finest in pet foods, accessories, gourmet treats, and lifestyle goods. Recently, the lifestyle mavens at Refinery 29 partnered with Bruno’s to do a photo shoot featuring dogs from local LA shelters and adoption groups sporting gear from a few of LA’s home grown pet accessory brands…including Growler Goods.

Yes these cute little furry things are available for adoption and if you’re in the market, make it happen people – they need you. We love this whole thing – great photos for an even greater cause! You can see the magic they conjured here.


Denim Saguaro Tipi                                               Ocotillo Poncho in Slate

Photos Courtesy of Refinery 29 and Shot by Phoebe Chuason