• Little Lark Slingshot

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  • Description

    Who doesn't love to play with a slingshot?

    These simple wooden slingshots are perfect for any high energy kid (or adult!), plus the 10 wool felt balls that come with each toy makes for gentle play.

    Product details:
    ~ Materials: wood, leather, latex rubber band, wool felt balls, muslin bag
    ~ Each slingshot is hand dipped in a acrylic enamel paint... each is different.
    ~ The 10 wool felt balls and colors can be specified. (rainbow mix shown in first image)
    ~ Toy comes packaged in a hand stamped muslin bag for easy storage.

    IMPORTANT: Not meant for children 4 years and younger. Please use responsibly.
  • Little Lark Slingshot
  • Little Lark Slingshot

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