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House Tour Of a Pet Friendly Home

This rural, builder-basic villa in Goa gets a savvy update that perfectly suits humans as well as their furry pets. When interior designed Beth Ryley and her husband purchased this 2300 square-foot villa in the picturesque village of Morjim, Goa they just fell in love with the home’s bucolic location and also the potential it had for a remodel. The idea of being able to customize it over time was nothing short of a blank canvas. Being from the profession itself, the builder-grade layout plan meant that excellent potential.

The Ryley’s moved in with their two English bulldogs, Wilma and Sam along with their beagle Saw. The dogs appeared to immediately get acquainted with the rural setting in the village. The transformation from living in an urban home to shifting to a rural setting was a very natural transition for them. The exterior of the home was the first change that transpired into natural cedar cleaning the fussy railing and chunky woodwork.

The goal was to have the villa look simple yet striking, the exterior well complimented the country style but the interiors needed to be created to match it. The goal was to add a contemporary theme to it and to keep in tune with the rural local. First Beth replaced the red brick wall in the living room and the dated stairwell. The biggest change in the layout was the kitchen space which took on a massive transformation. Plenty of thought was put into its placement, as the open kitchen was visible all across the main floor that was based on an open-concept house. The change was needed as the previous cabinetry was old and dated- cherry pink cabinets and pink Formica countertops, a change that was definitely on the cards.

The kitchen space was retained the way it was however everything else within the space was moved. There existed two 18th inch windows that the new homeowner combined into a single-window allowing for more light to pass through. The cabinetry in the kitchen also was replaced to a new layout and design with a soft peach color. The island renovated to a much larger one space that accommodated a lot more storage space and seating. Floating shelves replaced a few upper cabinets that establishing an open look. The backsplash and countertops are of veined grey soapstone, something that catches the eye as well.

The bedrooms are spacious and have large balconies attached to it. Another feature that pets adore as they are found to be relaxing by railings whenever the family spends time in these rooms.

The type of furniture and its placement was chosen keeping pets in mind. These included pet-friendly surfaces and such as indoor and outdoor upholstery and sisal rugs. It is safe to say that with the free rein of the indoors and outdoors, the pets feel comfortable in their new home.  All thanks to the team at Asiatic the specialises in independent homes in Goa that make it possible for homeowners to find a home that meets their needs and preferences.




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