Living in the Flow

Feng Shui For Your Soul

The term Feng Shui is commonly recognized as a system of arranging one’s environment in a harmonious way.  Over the last decade I’ve witnessed the effect of energy on my clients’ well-being.  My experience led me to see the importance of going beyond the exterior environment and getting to the heart (and Soul) of the matter – energy flow within.  The truth is that you can’t change things on the outside unless you first change things on the inside.

The feeling of harmony starts with a thought. When your thoughts are grounded in love they create beneficial energy in your body.  Aligning your thoughts with your highest self puts you in a powerful place to create your life rather than allowing life to create you.   You feel energized and inspired when your thoughts and actions correspond to your values and goals.

How do you Feng Shui your Soul?  The most important ways are:

1- Letting go of the past;

2- Loving yourself unconditionally;

3- Acting from your Highest Self, or Love;

4- Trusting in the benevolence of the universe; and

5- Living each day of your life in integrity with your Soul.

Remember ~ “There is no planet sun or star [that] could hold you if you knew but what you are.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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