• Save Liberty's Life

    On a Friday afternoon, I was going about my normal business driving to and from appointments in downtown LA, when on the corner of Slauson way down near 60th, a small dog was limping across the street about to get hit by many passing buses and cars. I couldn't stand the sight and raced around the block to pick up the injured dog. After noticing a large gash in the dog's leg and asking some friends opinions, I decided to take the dog out of the dangerous environment until she could be adopted, rather than bringing her to a rescue. After much research, I found out that the dog was sure to be killed immediately by any rescue as she was an injured pit bull. But after Matt met her and we cleaned her up a bit, we noticed how unbelievably sweet and appreciative this little girl was.

    After bringing her to the vet and finding out she was only three months old, more bad news came. There was an infection down to the bone of her right shoulder. Three vet visits later, all doctors confirmed that leg amputation was the only way to save her. Our new puppy Liberty was thought to have been bait to the larger fighting dogs. We were also told that Liberty's back leg had been broken but had since healed itself.
    Through this all Liberty has been unbelievably brave. She has unexpectedly touched our lives in the most loving way.
    Heather GG
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