Adam’s Pack Station – Hidden Relic of the Old California West

esterday, Heather and I leashed up the pups and took the truck up the winding Big Santa Anita Canyon to Chantry Flats and Adam’s Pack Station. Let me just say we were overwhelmingly feeling time capsuled and immediately drifted into a pleasant snooze of the Old California American Dream. Adam’s Pack Station is the last remaining pack station in America equipped with pack mules, goats, and chickens – all nestled around the general store where they serve an amazing species of pulled pork sandwiches combo’d with a rawkus lot of Americana musical acts that play once a month Sat 12-6pm. Let’s just say it felt like fate that the day we showed up just happened to feature Americana Folk Punk darlings Grit. Normally a 5 piece, Grit’s trio delivered a moving set of old standards and original tunes that meshed perfectly with the dusty oak tree surroundings. Make sure to check them out…you owe it to yourself!

I can now say we’re hooked on Adam’s Pack Station (or should I say roped) and expect to bring a full posse next time. Who knows we may even employ the pack mules and rent a cabin further up the canyon.