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Home Staging 101 – 10 Staging Mistakes when Selling Your Home

Home selling is a science these days. In order to navigate the process wisely, take note of the following home-selling “don’ts.”  Homes that look great and are priced right will sell quicker than other homes on the market.

1- Don’t allow the furniture arrangement to block room flow. Awkward furniture placement can make a room feel smaller than it is. Remember that several people will be in your home at the same time when viewing it.

2- Don’t overlook the front door. It’s vitally important to make a great first impression. Clean or paint the door, polish the hardware, and illuminate the entry area. Make sure your house numbers are fresh and appealing.

3- Don’t use highly scented room fresheners. Instead, move to an odorless home or use natural air fresheners like fresh flowers, cut-up fruit, cinnamon, or fresh-baked bread.  People wonder what heavy fresheners are covering up.  Don’t forget that you can bake refrigerated rolls or cinnamon buns minutes before a showing.

4- Don’t assume all home stagers are the same. Every one brings their own personality and natural abilities into staging. Look at their portfolio.

5- Don’t show the home when it’s not in tip-top showing condition. You only have one chance to make a great first impression.

6- Don’t paint walls sterile white. If you’re going to repaint, use a color that is more appealing to buyers.  Warmer whites and warm beiges add life to walls.

7- Don’t use quick fixes that have the possibility of breaking when  buyers are in the home.  Buyers will take it as a signal that there may be other things that aren’t what they appear to be.

8- Don’t remove all your personal photos. Leave two or three out. Buyers like to see happy faces of the owners of the house.

9- Don’t forget that selling a home happens via two factors: Asking Price and Condition. You must lower your sales price to meet what the market dictates. Buyers aren’t concerned with how much money you spent on it if they feel like they’re not getting value.

10. Don’t wait to lower your sales price. It’s best to move on to your next home and get your new life started.  Trust that this is a benevolent universe and you will be okay financially even if you lose money on the home.  Stress builds up during the showing process. What price would you put on good health and serenity for your family?

Feng Shui 101

Inspiration is the Light Inside You

My study of Feng Shui helped me understand how the quality of light in a space affects the way the space feels.  When there’s abundant light in a space it feels warm and welcoming.  The absence of light creates lethargy and in the long-term, depression.  Light is energy.

Just as the quality of light in an environment creates energy, the  light inside us all is key to inspiration.   Inspiration means, quite literally, being in Spirit.

Being in Spirit can be described as feeling grounded or being in the present moment.  You’re in the flow.  And when you’re in the flow, you’re open to new ideas.  Ideas simply pop into your head.  You may receive an answer to a problem, insight into a new way of doing something, or a fresh approach to a dilemma.

Inspiration is always available to you. It’s the perpetual light inside of you.  Sometimes negative thoughts cloud over the ability to connect to inspiration.   Negative thoughts can create a writer’s block or burnout or depression.  Regardless of what we call it, the problem is that we’re not connecting with our inner spirit or light.  The problem ISN’T that we don’t have any more light.

When I hear someone say “I’m not creative”  I think,  “That statement couldn’t be further from the truth.”  Every one of us is creative because we are spiritual beings.  You may not feel inspired to decorate a room, or paint a still-life landscape, but that’s not the essence of creativity. Creativity is the result of connecting to inspiration. It can be manifested by deciding to take your dog to a new park or picking colorful files for your office or simply cleaning your home differently than you usually do.  Creativity is not reserved for the arts.

Think of each day as a creative experience, it is yours to paint the way you choose.  If you connect to inspiration you will absolutely have a fulfilling and energized day.  You can bring new energy and ideas to the mundane.  You create the day you want to have by your choice of either connecting to Spirit or by blocking off your light with dark clouds of anxiety or living in the future or in the past.  Inspiration is found in the present moment.   This is where ideas spring forth.  In this state of being you can connect with your inner self which inevitably connects you to inspiration.


Modern Dog Magazine Lists Growler Goods as a "Sweet Summer Score"

The super cool Modern Dog Mag has listed Growler Goods in their “Sweet Summer Scores” section and we’re really stoked they thought of us! They’re the bench mark for all news dog and it’s awesome to be in such great company with the likes of Ike and Stella and Whole Life Pet amongst others. To read more make sure you pick up a copy at your local newsstand and connect with M Dog on twitter

Feng Shui 101Home Staging

My Secret to Selling Homes Quickly

As a real estate agent in Austin, Texas, I am committed selling my clients’ homes quickly, in fact my track record is 39 times faster than the market average.  What’s my secret?  I stage homes using the principles of the eastern art of Feng Shui.  Using Feng Shui creates irresistible emotional appeal.  When buyers connect to a home on an emotional level they are more likely to buy it.

Feng Shui involves creating balance in one’s environment. Every aspect of a room affects the way you feel in the space.  Colors, shapes, lighting, and furniture arrangement work together to create a harmonious feeling or conflict with each other to create a feeling of unease.  When buyers feel comfortable and relaxed they connect to a space.  Feng Shui helps balance energy so the space not only looks appealing, but offers a sense of comfort.  I refer to it as the “Ahh! Factor.”

My company, Balanced Living Properties has become successful by incorporating Feng Shui principles to create a unique model for the business of buying and selling property.

Before putting a client’s home on the market, I stage it.  I emphasize its attributes by arranging furniture, adding color, and creating  good flow.  I showcase the home’s potential, allowing buyers to envision their dream home.

Feng Shui  puts people at ease in their environment.

Oprah Winfrey employs her own personal Feng Shui Consultant. Major corporations such as Microsoft, Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Hyatt Hotels, CNN, ABC, IBM, Boeing, ATT, Disney and Trump have also been finding the ancient Chinese theories about flow and aesthetics of space to bring them success.

In fact, Hong Kong Disneyland‘s main gate and entrance was positioned in a north/south direction for good luck based on the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui.

Donald Trump said, “I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui, I do it because it works.”

Balanced Living Properties takes a heart-centered approach to working with buyers and sellers, creating win-win-win scenarios and transactions grounded on goodwill.


Feng Shui 101- What Will 2019 Bring?

It’s trite yet true…time flies! We are approaching yet again the end of another year. The year 2019 is the year of the Water Dragon. From the reading of the stars and element relationships it will be a transformational life-changing year!

In 2019 the Chinese New Year begins on February 4th. That will be the time when annual Feng Shui energy shift occurs, affecting the energy patterns of each and every building and its surroundings.

Advice For The New Year:

Watch Your Temper

Be Wary of Relationship Issues Particularly Infidelity

It’s a Good Time to Look for Mentors or Coaches for Help in Business

The astrological predictions for 2019 points to a transformational year of extremes – both the good and the bad. We will see many changes in the world, both political as well as economic.

On a personal level, watch your temper as the Star of Aggressive Sword makes its appearance to bring animosity and violence. The conflictive energy can lead to external conflict in the world. Harmony may be hard to find. Relationship problems could also increase due to the presence of the Star of External Flower of Romance.

On a positive note, the Star of Powerful Mentors will bring career and business success to those who work for it 2012. Ask for help and you will receive it!

Next Time…what to do in your home to protect it from negative influences in 2012.

Living in the Flow

Feng Shui For Your Soul

The term Feng Shui is commonly recognized as a system of arranging one’s environment in a harmonious way.  Over the last decade I’ve witnessed the effect of energy on my clients’ well-being.  My experience led me to see the importance of going beyond the exterior environment and getting to the heart (and Soul) of the matter – energy flow within.  The truth is that you can’t change things on the outside unless you first change things on the inside.

The feeling of harmony starts with a thought. When your thoughts are grounded in love they create beneficial energy in your body.  Aligning your thoughts with your highest self puts you in a powerful place to create your life rather than allowing life to create you.   You feel energized and inspired when your thoughts and actions correspond to your values and goals.

How do you Feng Shui your Soul?  The most important ways are:

1- Letting go of the past;

2- Loving yourself unconditionally;

3- Acting from your Highest Self, or Love;

4- Trusting in the benevolence of the universe; and

5- Living each day of your life in integrity with your Soul.

Remember ~ “There is no planet sun or star [that] could hold you if you knew but what you are.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson


Adam's Pack Station - Hidden Relic of the Old California West

esterday, Heather and I leashed up the pups and took the truck up the winding Big Santa Anita Canyon to Chantry Flats and Adam’s Pack Station. Let me just say we were overwhelmingly feeling time capsuled and immediately drifted into a pleasant snooze of the Old California American Dream. Adam’s Pack Station is the last remaining pack station in America equipped with pack mules, goats, and chickens – all nestled around the general store where they serve an amazing species of pulled pork sandwiches combo’d with a rawkus lot of Americana musical acts that play once a month Sat 12-6pm. Let’s just say it felt like fate that the day we showed up just happened to feature Americana Folk Punk darlings Grit. Normally a 5 piece, Grit’s trio delivered a moving set of old standards and original tunes that meshed perfectly with the dusty oak tree surroundings. Make sure to check them out…you owe it to yourself!

I can now say we’re hooked on Adam’s Pack Station (or should I say roped) and expect to bring a full posse next time. Who knows we may even employ the pack mules and rent a cabin further up the canyon.



Refinery 29 and Bruno's Pet Boutique Team Up for a Dog Day in Venice Beach

If you live in LA, have a pup of your own and don’t know about Bruno’s Boutique yet, you might wanna cruise down Lincoln Blvd. and have a looksy. They’ve only been at it a few months but they’re already making waves featuring the finest in pet foods, accessories, gourmet treats, and lifestyle goods. Recently, the lifestyle mavens at Refinery 29 partnered with Bruno’s to do a photo shoot featuring dogs from local LA shelters and adoption groups sporting gear from a few of LA’s home grown pet accessory brands…including Growler Goods.

Yes these cute little furry things are available for adoption and if you’re in the market, make it happen people – they need you. We love this whole thing – great photos for an even greater cause! You can see the magic they conjured here.


Denim Saguaro Tipi                                               Ocotillo Poncho in Slate

Photos Courtesy of Refinery 29 and Shot by Phoebe Chuason


Growler Goods Found Hanging Ten in Domino Magazine's Spring 2014 Edition

We’re always excited to see what art aficionados and interior designers are doing with their personal spaces and were very pleased to learn that contemporary art advisor Meredith Darrow has welcomed Growler Goods products into her Venice Beach home – featured in the Spring 14 edition of Domino Magazine. She’s done an awesome job pairing classic design and rustic appeal that screams California. You can see Meredith’s English Bulldog Winston sporting our Ocotillo Poncho in the picture below. To read the full spread look up the Spring issue of Domingo Mag at your local newsstand!



[Image above courtesy of Domino Magazine]